We offer fireworks display at any level of events, manufacture and sell various type of fireworks include Signals, Rounded Shells, Faces or Symbols, Multi-color artistic fireworks and Environmentally friendly fireworks such is Biodegradable plastic use.
When exporting fireworks abroad, we ask recipient to prepare documents and shipping company since Japanese logistics asks very high prices.
Also, we can send leet pyro technicians to your factory to produce fireworks and setting up fireworks display.

Company Profile & contact

Hibikiya Omagari Enka Co.,Ltd.
President Kentaro Saito
1-5 Nagane Hasaba, Aza Ngatoro,
Daisen, Akita 014-0206 Japan
Phone +81-187-63-2848 (Office/Japanese Only)
Phone 2 +81-90-3222-6738 (Direct line in English/George Tashiro)
Fax +81-187-63-2898
E-mail agtashiro@gmail.com (English/George Tashiro)

Company Mission

Presence Consciousness: We are a life stage where we contribute to society through work and find living worth.
Business area: We create and provide fireworks with the motto of tradition and innovation with the spirit of warm innovation.
Management attitude: We act thinking about the true satisfaction of the customer.
Corporate objective: We will provide all employees with the light and sound that resonates with everyone’s heart.
Manufacturing philosophy: We make safe and secure products.

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